Transferwise payment

Make it easier to pay(transferwise)

transferwise Payment link:

1.Find your favorite product on the website and click: Buy Now.

2.Here is your shopping cart. You can continue shopping or checkout now. If you only want to buy one product, please click checkout now.
3.Fill in your address on this page, enter the discount code you have and confirm your order details.

4.Very good, the order was submitted successfully. 
These will be used in subsequent payments.Please remember to save.
Click on the red text to go to the payment page.

5.This page is mainly used for login. Remind Our recipient currency is CNY.
payment link:

6.You can log in to it using your Facebook or Google.

7.Click: Send money.

8.Enter your order amount here. Remind Our recipient currency is CNY.
The currency must be converted to CNY in this step, otherwise one of the subsequent steps will not be able to continue the payment. )
9.Click: personal.

10.Fill in your information.

11.Click: someone else.

12.Fill it out based on the information on the order success page. The fourth step above.
The following two points need to be changed, thank you.

If there is always an error in filling out the country, please check if the previous steps convert USD to CNY.
13.Confirm your order and don't leave a message. thank you.
Our customer service will contact you within 24 hours after your order is successful. You can tell customer service if you have any needs. 

14.Choose the card you want to use to pay.

15.Arriving at this step proves that you have paid successfully. As shown, we will receive the money after half an hour.
(Every arrival time may be different, it is normal.)
(I hope that you can email this step image to our CHICBAGS staff. Let us know that you have paid, just need some time to wait for it to arrive. Thank you.)

After the payment is successful, you can contact us by the following methods. We will arrange the goods and deliver the goods for you as soon as possible after receiving the money. Thank you for your trust and support.

Sure, You can contact me for any problems during shopping.

The following is my contact information, you can contact me in any way.

Gmail:[email protected]

WhatsApp or SMS: +852(5100)-8826


Welcome to chicbags. happy shopping.

chicbags Team.